Dartmouth College - Class of 2000


November/December 2008

Apparently my cry for class news worked! I will get all of the updates in over the next several columns. Stay tuned! A belated wedding announcement from Curtis Dozier who married Emily Johnson (Stanford '99) last September in Oakland, California. Dartmouth alums in attendance included Leslie Cushner, Ben 
Mishkin, Steve Wiesenthal, James Lawrie and Sarah Craft '01, as well as Emily's uncles, Bill Fitzhugh '64 and Josh Fitzhugh '70. In more recent news, Curtis finished his Ph.D. in Classics at the University of California, Berkeley and will begin teaching at Vassar College in the fall.

Spencer Jones and his partner of six years, Tyler Barrick, were among the first ten couples married at San Francisco's City Hall on June 17, following the California Supreme Court's recent decision extending marriage equality to gay and lesbian couples. They plan a more formal ceremony sometime in the summer of 2009 with family and friends, but wanted to obtain a valid marriage certificate ahead of the vote in November on a state constitutional amendment that would again limit marriage to exclude them. They report that it was an emotional and historic experience, with dozens of news crews and supporters gathered to cheer on the more than 200 couples that received their marriage licenses that day.

Nicole (Kriss) and her husband Gary Mazer welcomed their son Samuel Matthew in May. “He is doing great. I am currently in my last year of a combined residency in Emergency Medicine and Internal Medicine at Long Island Jewish Hospital in NY.

To celebrate her 30th birthday, Shay Lawrence and her boyfriend, Nobu Hata, went to Hawaii, and while there, he proposed! “We'll be getting married sometime in 2009 back in Hawaii. In the meantime, we are living in Minneapolis, Minnesota with our feisty dog Jake. I own a company which teaches art to children and
we recently purchased our first house. I also saw Kate Werley, Ciaran Connelly '99, Darby Green '99, Megan Jennings, and a bunch of other Dartmouth alums this June at Julia Ford's beautiful wedding in Palo Alto, CA after which Julia headed to Ireland for her honeymoon. I also heard recently from Lea Goryn who is in the MBA program at Tuck and is expecting her second child. And Lisa Bianchi started a great new job at a private school in New York City after returning from a fun filled trip to Ireland.”  Also making their way to the College on the hill are Nick Russell and his wife Jen (Caine). Nick is at Tuck (Class of 2010) and Jen, after teaching at Boston University this fall, will be joining the Dartmouth studio art faculty in January. They would love to hear from anyone visiting Hanover!

Caitlin (Sparks) Roach is currently living in Chicago and working towards her Ph.D in clinical psychology at Loyola University – “4 years down, 3 to go! My husband Joe Roache (Holy Cross '99) and I recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary. We were married last July 28th on Cape Cod. In attendance were bridesmaids Bea Radakovich and a very pregnant Kathy (Schultz) Sweetland, Andy Sweetland, Lauren Ambrose, and Dan Radakovich '71. Nathaniel Stephen Sweetland arrived September 19th of 2007, so he's about to celebrate his 1st birthday! Bea is living in Chicago and recently completed a Masters in Divinity at McCormick Theological Seminary. I also had the pleasure of seeing Lauren more recently when I attended her marriage to Chris Davis. The ceremony and reception were held at the Dartmouth Club in NYC. The night was filled with gorgeous views of the city and amazing food! Other Dartmouth people in attendance were Jenny (Neuburger) Higgins and Sarah (Dray) Mondy Dray.”

Lastly, Meaghan Fanning and Dylan Karczewski ’99 were married on July 5 in Manchester, VT. I hear that the wedding was a blast and everyone had a great time catching up with many Dartmouth alumni!

September/October 2008

It’s a slower than normal news column this edition, so get yourselves busy and send in your news! General congratulations to any of you who reached major milestones this graduation season: MDs, MBAs, Masters degrees, new lawyers, PhDs, beginning or end of medical residencies, 30th birthdays or any other great accomplishment! I know many of you have worked hard for these achievements, so congratulations!

Moving into class news, Max Gross has a new book coming out in August! It's called From Schlub to Stud and it can be ordered on Amazon, or via the web site for the book (Fromschlubtostud.com). “It's sort of a memoir about the glories of, well, being a schlub... and Dartmouth definitely figures in to it and makes numerous appearances. Also, plenty of 2000s show up in the text, although not all of them show up by name but there are many mentions.” This is one that can’t be missed!

Joe Scott returned to Hanover for Reunion weekend with his wife Emily Copeland ’99 and their son Owen. “We met up with Adam "Tex" Clayton and his wife Sara, as well as Ben Mishkin and Steve Wiesenthal. In other news, I just got back from a yearlong deployment to South Korea with my Patriot missile unit. Next up, I'm slated to head to graduate school at the University of Virginia in preparation for a teaching job at West Point.”

Hoi Ning Ngai is currently in Costa Rica working with independent and public school kids from around the world (US, UK, India, Germany, and Costa Rica) at the Institute for Student Leaders. “I'm having a great time with all of the students, as well as fellow Dartmouth alums Jesse Blom '06 and Meghan Wendland '08. We even spotted a random "tico" (Costa Rican native) in a Dartmouth track jersey the one day we were walking through the local market! We absolutely had to take a picture, so I'll post that on Facebook as soon as I can get a copy!”

Since I have some space and I’ve gotten a bunch of emails asking what I’m up to, I am actually going to resort to updating you on myself, which I’ve tried to avoid for the past eight years! I live in Cincinnati, right down the street from Ellie Off.  I’m a Brand Manager for Procter & Gamble and do marketing for the Crest & Oral-B Kids Oral Care business. I’ve been here for two years, and although I miss the great beaches of New England, Cincinnati has proven to be a great place to live and work (except for those occasional tornado warnings)! Let me know if you’re ever in the area!

July/August 2008

Fun baby news for the class of 2000! Carolyn (Levine) Lanzetta and her husband Jason welcomed Lily Grace Lanzetta into the world on April 4, 2008 in New York City. Lily weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and 20 inches long.  She's been an absolute joy for her parents... so far! Nathan Chaney and his wife Gina (Brown '99) welcomed their son Cormac Egan Chaney into the world on April 15, 2008. Cormac weighed in at 8 lbs 8 oz and was 21 inches long. Nathan & his family live in Greenwich, CT where Nathan is an associate at Simpson, Thacher & Bartlett in New York City. Gina teaches history at H.C. Crittenden Middle School in Armonk, NY. Everyone is healthy, happy and doing well!  Lastly, Nils & Lisa (Opanasets) Arvold had a baby girl, Carolina Roxanne, on March 9, 2008. I hear that the new family is doing well!

In wedding news, I heard through the grapevine that Dave Dexter married Lisa Stephenson in a beautiful ceremony on Marco Island, FL on April 26, 2008. Joining the beach-side outdoor festivities were Jay Cormier, Bruce Kennedy, Kelley Kohout, Alex Shults, and Marcus Simpson. The happy couple spent their honeymoon in St. Lucia before returning home to Baltimore. 

Speaking of sunny, tropical locations, Whitney Hale, Meaghan Fanning, Caroline (Hribar) Hossenlopp, Charlotte Zukowski, Jess Margolin, Kate Christiaanse and Kate Ryan recently enjoyed a week of vacation in Tortola, BVI, courtesy of Cabray Haines and her family's beautiful home in the hamlet of Soper's Hole. “While we were there we got to see Jacque (Weitzel) Stahl, who stopped by the island on the 47-foot catamaran that she and her husband Eric call home. They run a yacht charter business in the British Virgin Islands and just celebrated their first year in operation. The rest of us are plugging away as lawyers, lobbyists, bankers, sales traders, and first- and second-year MBA students, but we're hoping to persuade Jacque and Eric to take us on as deckhands for a couple of weeks a year!”

On June 11, Patrick Serfass, three teammates, and a support crew of 19 participated in the Race Across America, a 3,000 mile, 24-hour-a-day bike race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis, MD that was rated by Outdoor Magazine as the world's toughest outdoor event (though I'm not exactly sure what would be a tougher indoor event!). They rode to raise awareness of carbon neutrality and to inspire others to use carbon neutral methods of transportation. As of April, friends and family had pledged to refrain from driving over 46,500 miles in their cars during the anticipated 7-day race in support of the team. Check out the Xtreme4 Team website at www.xtreme4.com for more information! Congratulations!

Lastly, after graduation from Albany Medical College in May, Meghan (Sullivan) Candee and her husband Tom will be moving to Salt Lake City, UT for Meghan’s 5-year residency-fellowship in pediatric neurology. Meghan and Tom are looking forward to exploring the many snowboarding opportunities that Utah has to offer!

May/June 2008

Lots of exciting news for the class!  Kicking it off, Catherine (Ware) & Patrick Kilduff welcomed a baby boy, Lane Catesby Kilduff, into the world on July 4th and then, in September, moved across the country to Davis, CA. “It was a fun surprise to see Megan Jennings here, who is getting her PhD at San Diego State but spending a year studying in the UC Davis ecology program. We also caught up with Frank and Megan (Slocum) Black to go camping at Big Sur. It's good to see familiar faces on the West Coast!”

Congratulations are in order for Joe LaBracio! After meeting in the laundry room of their apartment in LA, Joe married Melanie Wilson (UC Irvine ’91) at Lucques, a Suzanne Goin restaurant, on Melrose Ave in Los Angeles, the scene of their first date. Many Dartmouth friends joined the couple for the wedding, including John Finley, Jeremy Joseph & Abby Marsh ‘99, Dan & Emily (Wasco) Siegal, Thad Glowacki, Tom & Erin (Chisolm) Kanter, Evan Greenbaum, David Mulliken and Justin Mandel. Work is keeping the newlyweds busy these days as Joe is an agent at United Talent Agency, where he is focused on the international television business, and Melanie is a screenwriter for live-action and animated movies. The couple is planning a fall trip to Italy. 

Tamar Tal married Steven Yudenfreund in November in Tucson, AZ. They met in 2001, when Tamar was at law school at Harvard. Wedding guests from Dartmouth included Leah Fourt Malhotra, Amit Malhotra '98, Heather Laura Stewart, Katie Lachter and Max Goodman. Tamar and Steve moved last year from New York City to Newport Beach, CA, where Tamar is practicing law at Jones Day, and Steve is a REIT equity analyst. Since moving they've re-connected with Jen (Preston) Robles and her husband, Ted, who moved to also LA last year.

I heard it through the grapevine that Paige (Perry) Pennock and Andy Pennock '99 welcomed a baby boy, Gavin Corpening Pennock, into the world on October 3rd. Also, Liz Martin got engaged to Dan Millikan (DMS'06) after multiple years of med school dating. They both are doing their residencies in Michigan where they will be married this coming September.

Katie Roda graduated from the Yale School of Management in May. “I spent the summer traveling through Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam before settling in to my new life in Seattle, WA. I'm planning a trip to Mexico with Jane (Barron) Fritz in April to party with the college spring breakers. I've been at Microsoft for about 6 months now as a marketing manager.”

Lastly, Liza Cowan spent an entire month celebrating her 30th birthday! Liza kicked off the celebration by hosting friends Mike Evans, Katy Young & Lauren (Tulp) Coyne in New Orleans where the group built a playground in Kacey & Veej Perkins Tift’s neighborhood. While there, they ran into Abby Gaunt who is teaching at Tulane Law. Katy is currently working on her PhD in English at UT Austin and Mike is writing and farming in Austin. Two weeks later, Liza rang in her actual 30th birthday in her hometown of Louisville, KY with a 1970’s Mardi Gras-theme party (and one of the benefits of my living in Cincinnati is that I was able to be a part of the celebration!). It was a great party with family and old friends, including Dana Loebman, who is now living in LA where she works for a non-profit that puts gardens into public school and is loving riding around LA in her pimped out bike. It was a late night for the group, but Liza was able to make it back to New Orleans in time to celebrate Mardi Gras with Kacey & Veej. I know more of you are turning 30 this year (I’ve already passed that milestone!) so please send me any fun stories from the celebrations!

March/April 2008

Hi Everyone! News is a bit sparse for this edition, so make sure you keep sending me your updates. We want to know what’s going on with you. Given the number of Dartmouth ’00 Facebook friends out there, I know the class network is alive & growing. 

In baby news, Will Schoen and Michelle Comeau had a baby boy, Daniel Keola Schoen, on October 17th. “He’s a sweet little guy and is growing at an astounding rate. He has a pair of healthy lungs and exercises them often. And, cosmically, in the triage room we ran into Rodrigo Mazon and his wife Linda, who were also having a baby. I found out from Rodrigo that they had a little girl later that night – Valentina Mazon. So two new Dartmouth ‘29s (?) are being wheeled around here in West Hollywood.”

After a fall full of travel, I was able to make it home to attend Meat Storm VI, hosted by Lindsay & Marcus Coe at their home in Enfield, NH. Rain did not dampen the spirits of the many friends who gathered in the barn for the annual celebration of the fall harvest. Lindsay & Marcus had quite a spread of duck, pheasant, home-made sausage, squash soup, spiked cider and plagiarism punch that kept many Dartmouth alumni & friends happy throughout the evening. Guests from the class of 2000 included Drew Mowery (who brought his own home-made brew), Emily & Errik Anderson, Christina & Ryan Jones, newlyweds Tom & Meghan (Sullivan) Candee, Lacey & Jake Elberg, Becky Sangster, Lauren Scopaz (who was engaged in December to her boyfriend Derek – Congratulations!), Dana Loebman, Melissa Roth and Allison Taff. The party was made even more special by the attendance of Marcus’ mom, Mary Coe, Lindsay’s parents Sharlene & Larry Bowen ’67, fan-favorites Bob and Joan Batting, and the newest addition to the Coe family: Amos the dog. I look forward to Meat Storm VII!

January/February 2008

Fresh off another World Series victory by the Red Sox, I’ll start off with the exciting baby news! Caroline (Lippman) & Dave Nicassio '99 welcomed their son, Elijah Michael, into the world on May 29th, and Anna (Loomis) Salomon gave birth to a daughter, Lehua Katherine Salomon, on July 12, 2007. Also, Megan (Costa) Perna and her husband Michael welcomed the arrival of their daughter, Angela Margaret, on August 19th. Angela weighed seven pounds and six ounces, and she measured nineteen inches long. Megan and family are currently living in Bergen County, New Jersey. Congratulations to all the new parents!
Tom Harris and (Fremonta) Montie Meyer ’00, DMS’04 were married on June 9th, on Mount Desert Island in Maine. The ceremony was outdoors under a beautiful blue sky, and was well-attended by Dartmouth friends. The wedding party included Kristin Miller, Lea (Sevcik) Singh and Alison Sekikawa '00 Tu'06. Among the guests were Carmen Flores, Heather Stewart, Amy Tindell, Danielle Adams DMS'04, Michael Leslie DMS'04, Dane Rasmussen Tu'04, and Adam Tyner Tu'06.

I had the honor of attending the September wedding of Meghan Sullivan & Tom Candee (University of Vermont ’96) in Mattituck, NY. It was a beautiful weekend celebration that included many family and friends, including Lindsay and Marcus Coe, Drew Mowery, Carolyn (Levine) Lanzetta, Kate Ryan and the newly engaged Meaghan Fanning. Meghan and Tom honeymooned in Hawaii and live in Albany, NY where Meghan is in her 4th year at Albany Medical College & Tom is the senior marketing manager at GlobalSpec, an internet search engine company. 

Jonathan Light & Molly Crall (Duke’03) were married in September at the University of Virginia where they met while attending law school. UVA was a beautiful setting for the celebration that included many family & friends from both their undergraduate and graduate schools. Jonathan and Molly honeymooned in Italy and now live in Philadelphia where they have started their careers as lawyers. Molly is practicing finance and real estate and Jonathan is focusing on litigation.

Continuing the exciting wedding news, Teddy Rice & Sarah Cherry (University of Georgia ‘04) were married at the University of Georgia in Athens, GA in October with many friend & family in attendance. The southern style wedding suited the many Dartmouth friends that made the trip to Athens! After a traditional Catholic ceremony, guests celebrated with the happy couple with hours of dancing. The band even managed to coax some awesome moves out of Teddy’s groomsmen including Watt Boone, Veej Perkins Tift, Alex Hocherman, Drew Mowery and Marcus Coe. Dartmouth alumni did well to adjust to cheers for the “Bull Dawgs!” and managed to be on their best behavior during the Sunday brunch which was held at Sarah’s Tri-Delta sorority house. The couple honeymooned in Hawaii and now live in Boston.

Debbie Godsoe & Mike Rand were married in July in Hanover. The couple, who have been together for over 10 years, celebrated their nuptials with many, many Dartmouth friends in attendance & in the wedding party. I heard that Debbie looked beautiful and surprised guests by changing into a sparkly dress for the reception, where there was no lack of dancing! A great time was had by all and friends enjoyed having the time to reconnect in Hanover and to celebrate with a beer or two (or three…) at Psi U. Debbie and Mike now live in Cincinnati.

Lastly, Domingo Martinez has started a Masters of Divinity program at Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN and is excited about being back in the South after 7 years in DC.